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Sensory Processing Strategies –

   PTSD, Autism/ADD, Stress Resolution

Somatic Therapies

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     Brainspotting/Generational BSP –

Energy Applications and Meditation – Classic, Quantum and Individualized

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           3211Certification in Levels –  1, 2, and 3 as TJR Practitioner

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Creative Learning and Performance

I’ve worked with many different occupations and professional folks over the years and one of my first loves has been directing productions that involved acting, music, dance and writing. 
There is a level of performance that is competent and a level that can be fantastic and great !

Some of the people I work with are most interested in being great at what they do or what they study in their education. If that is you, and you would like to find out more about how to build your quality in the Arts, or in learning information in the educational setting, you can speak to me or make an appointment at 760-753-1493. we can work in person if you are near San Diego or Los Angeles and/or we can work very effectively by distance if you are far. As a teacher, artist and performer, I have participated in, directed and instructed creative and learning performances throughout my own professional, educational and personal life and can speak with firsthand experience of these fields. It is without doubt that physical and emotional trauma and stress and anxiety can impact creative and learning performances.

I’ve also taught English learners for over twenty years, along with the subject areas of Visual and Theater Arts. There are new strategies and solutions with craniosacral therapy and Brainspotting and Comprehensive Resource Modeling that can be used to greatly help and resolve difficulties for artists and learners.

The discipline of Visual Artists, Actors, Martial Artists, Dancers, Musicians, Writers and students can often be impacted by forms of anxiety, stage fright, panic attack, writer’s block, and to injury left recorded in the body and mind. There can be current or past physical and/or emotional trauma. There might be early negative direction, instruction, or environment. There are times when the core performance of the actor and other artists can be unfulfilled potential or even lower quality than past performances have been due to fear and emotional or physical pain. Sometimes early training can itself be a source of stress and anxiety during and in later years. Physical injuries both related and unrelated to performance can have an effect on the artist’s life, and anxiety and panic attacks often result.

The Martial Artist, young or old, beginning or with years of experience can hone skills and remove blocks to stronger, more centered performance for personal fulfillment or for competition. With the two modalities of Brainspotting with Creative Performance and Learning techniques many athletes have excelled. David Grand Ph.D developed BSP out of EMDR that he was using for many years in empowering athletes with sports psychology and found that BSP worked more completely and for a longer time.     (This Is Your Brain On Sports, David Grand, Alan Goldberg)

In my experience as a stage director, I have been honored to often have ALL of these fields brought together in one place, in Theatre productions, even including martial arts ! It was completely essential to have all performers, creative and learning, work together as a team to the fullest potential. I have worked with professionals in the in Business,  Education, and in Visual and Performing Arts, unknown   including my former student, R. Lowe above, performing in CHICAGO with Usher on Broadway in his standing role for a number of years. 

So again, if you have interest in these really effective techniques to reach a high level of performance in ANY field…contact me at 760-753-1493 or visit my contact page.


Nutrition/Hair Analysis/Herbs/Essential Oils –

I work with Analytical Research Lab to provide a hair analysis for specific details for supplementation, awareness of deficiencies and compensation in the system. As a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist I help a person find many different essential oils, herbs and supplements as the individualized choice …….…I’m not a part of any multi-level arrangement or advertising, but find the best quality of various sources for my clients to meet their needs.